Modules now available with REI60 class fireproofing

We are glad to offer our customers to buy and use modules that are able to deal with fire. We perfected our modules and now they are ready to withstand a fire what is REI 60 class rated. You might wonder what means REI 60? Let us explaine to you:
R = Load carrying capacity. The length of time that the relevant structural element is able to carry the current load in a normal fire development phase.

E = Integrity. The length of time that the structural element retains its integrity against flames or hot gases in a standard fire.

I = Insulation. The time it takes to produce an increase in temperature on the cold side of the structural element, usually 140 ⁰C.

60 = time period in minutes.

The test results are obtained in the form of a time stamp which shows how many minutes the structural element resists the fire before the threshold for each criterion is exceeded. If the product meets the requirements for class REI 60, the result means that the structural element can resist fire for one hour with respect to load bearing capacity, integrity and insulation. Insulation capacity is determined by the temperature on the opposite side if the temperature of the fire is not allowed to rise more than 140 degrees.


If you think that there is no need for REI60 specific requirements we can also manufature modules with lower grade fireproofing solutions.